Meet Our Team

Our Board

George C. Francisco IV

Board Chairman

Phillip Dye Jr.


James Bell

Finance Chair

Julie Donaldson

Philanthropy Chair

David Dunlap


Dan Meyer

Senior Warden

Mary Balagia

Adeeb Barqawi

Jessica Brazelton

Annette E. Brissett, PhD

Summer R. Craig

Eliza Duncan

Cynthia Guill

Elizabeth M. Kroger

The Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson Jr.

Rector, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

James Lomax

Jim Looke

Claudia Lummis

Kristi Lumpkins

Kristine Maclay

Leila Mischer

Kelly Montgomery

Frank Vandiver

Sharron Cox

Ex-Officio, Clergy Liaison

Matthew Stanford, PhD

CEO, Hope and Healing Center & Institute

Robert L. Zorich

Past Chair Chairman 2020–2022

Lee W. Hogan

Past Chair Chairman 2017–2020

Laura B. Nichol

Past Chair Chairman 2015–2017

William E. Penland Jr.

Past Chair Chairman 2012–2014
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