• Video - Learn More About the Center

    Video - Learn More About the Center

    Watch this video to learn about the Hope and Healing Center and our mission of Transforming Lives, Restoring Hope.
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  • Hope and Healing Blog

    Hope and Healing Blog

    Visit our new blog where we share stories that inform and inspire and address a variety of topics in a multitude of voices.
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  • Mental Health 101

    Mental Health 101

    Equipping faith communities to better serve those broken by mental health difficulties and disorders.

    Your faith community can make a difference;

    Let us teach you the 3Rs: Recognize. Refer. Restore.
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  • Hope and Healing Institute

    Hope and Healing Institute

    The Hope and Healing Center and The Hope and Healing Institute share a common vision of “building and restoring lives to health and wholeness.” While intimately associated, the Center and the Institute serve different roles in pursuit of this vision.
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  • Support Groups

    Support Groups

    Recognizing that community is one of the factors necessary for successful recovery, the HHCI provides a meeting space for a variety of 12-step and support groups.
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  • Video - Clergy and Mental Health

    Video - Clergy and Mental Health

    Clergy and Mental Health - Identifying Signs and Symptoms. This video was created to aid clergy in identifying those with mental health or addiction issues and how to aid them in providing appropriate support to those individuals.
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  • Programs & Seminars

    Programs & Seminars

    The Hope and Healing Center (HHC) programming focuses on strengthening the physical, mental, spiritual and relational health of families and individuals across the full cycle of life, from birth through elder-hood. Programs cover topics such as parenting, depression and bipolar disorder, addiction, blended families, caring for the caregiver, marriage, Dementia and adoption. These formal presentations feature leading local, national and international experts and professionals in their perspective fields.
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  • Healing Prayer with OSL

    Healing Prayer with OSL

    Healing payer is available through The International Order of Saint Luke the Physician (OSL) at the Hope and Healing Center to anyone suffering from mental health and/or addiction problems. OSL is an ecumenical organization of clergy, health professionals, and lay people from many Christian denominations and backgrounds, dedicated to the healing ministry of Christ. The OSL and Hope and Healing Center believe healing prayer and competent medical care are not averse, but complement each other.

    To schedule time with an OSL prayer minister please contact Liz Crockett at 713-830-4143.
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