1 in 4 adults experience mental illness.

Don’t ignore these signs:
illustration of adult male feeling waves of pressure and anxiety; feeling down and sad
Feeling down or withdrawing socially
illustration of adult woman feeling excessive fear, mood changes, and depression
Excessive fears or mood shifts
illustration of tired adult man feeling confused, racing, strange thoughts while having low energy
Confused thinking or low energy
illustration of adult woman feeling physical discomfort or pain and having suicidal or incredibly strong, loud, aggressive thoughts internally
Physical discomfort or suicidal thoughts
Most people who seek treatment feel significant improvement.
Services we offer for mental and behavioral health care:
Support Groups

The HHCI provides a meeting space in a supportive and grace-giving environment. Our support groups include Group Therapy, Grief Support and 12-Step Meetings to name a few. These meetings are led by trained facilitators, community professionals or volunteers. Learn More

Mental Health Coaching

Mental Health Coaching is an evidence-based treatment focused on strengths-based support for adults living with mental and behavioral health difficulties. Coaching is action oriented with an emphasis on improving one’s present life and reaching goals for the future by addressing distressing thoughts and emotions. In this program, clients will find ways of obtaining and maintaining stability, rebuilding relationships, finding purpose for living by creating a clear plan of action, managing difficult symptoms, and using strengths to reach future goals. Learn More

Counseling Services

DBT (Dialectal behavior therapy) is an evidence-based treatment for individuals who find it difficult to regulate and manage their intense emotions, act impulsively, and engage in self-harming behaviors. These difficulties lead to distress and disturbances in the individual’s life and relationships, making it hard to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. In this program, Coaches help clients cultivate effective skills in mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance through individual and group sessions. Learn More


Psychiatry provides clients with psychiatric assessment and care from a licensed psychiatric mental health care provider. This service takes a holistic view on care and works alongside our therapy-based programs, case management and community support. Our program was developed to serve as a bridge to psychiatric services in the community for our clients who may not have resources for immediate care or cost of medications. Learn More

Case Management

Case Management partners clients with one of our case workers to identify long-term care in their community and bridge the gap to services. Through an interdisciplinary team approach, the case management team works alongside our therapy-based programs to help the client, as well as their families, access professional mental health care and other resources that fit their unique needs and develop a supportive, long-term care network. Learn More

Mental Health Care Navigating

At the HHCI, we recognize that mental illness affects the entire family, not simply the individual. Our team supports the families of a loved one who struggles with a mental illness by answering questions and assisting them in finding ways to best help their family through the mental health care journey. Through consulting, a team member will meet with the family to interpret the nature of their loved one’s mental health concerns and provide guidance on how to best help their loved one. Learn More

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