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Applications Closed for Fall 2021/Spring 2022

We host up to three internships/practicum/field placement opportunities for students in an accredited, masters level counseling or social work program.

Applications are currently closed for Fall 2021/Spring 2022. Applications for Fall 2022/Spring 2023 will open at the end of 2021.

My internship at HHCI has surpassed every expectation I had for what I imagined my clinical field placement would be. It has been amazing to work with the clinical team who are incredibly supportive, friendly, and open to sharing their insights and expertise. I have also gained invaluable experience through connecting clients with community resources, managing my own case load, and working with clients virtually as we navigate through COVID-19. I am very grateful for my experience at HHCI and honestly could not imagine a better learning environment for me to practice my clinical skills.

Jessica Rogers 2020/2021 Mental Health Coach Intern

If I could pick two words to describe 2020, I would use flexibility and adapting. My experience at HHCI has been all of the above for my clinical experience. It has been really neat to be a part of a team who emphasizes the ability to adapt to continue providing services and resources for our clients virtually through telebehavioral health daily. Operating virtually has been an experience and exposure area I had no anticipation for when I started my clinical rotations and now it has opened the door to growth where I least expected it. I’m grateful to have in-person clinical team meetings and supervision; both which are helpful in navigating my intern experience and also for building an awesome team and work culture to be a part of.

Kathleen Hotze 2020/2021 Mental Health Coach Intern
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