What is Mental Health Coaching?
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Working in the mental health field has been an ambition of mine as far back as high school. I have always enjoyed providing support and encouragement to my family and friends in times of need. So imagine my excitement when I realized this was something I could do as a career! I realized, as I entered college, that this was what I was supposed to do with my life. Through the years I have learned and experienced a variety of things that have lead me to the path I am on, a path for which I am very grateful. Beginning my journey here as a Mental Health Coach at the Hope and Healing Center has truly given me the opportunity to grow in my faith, providing me with the guidance needed to support others.

Working as a Mental Health Coach at the Hope and Healing Center, I have been asked many times about what goes on during the course of coaching and how can it benefit someone struggling from a mental health disorder. Mental Health Coaches aid in building a sense of support for the client by focusing on the individual’s strengths. The coaching focuses on meeting the client on their level and working to reach the goals determined by the client. A mental health coach provides guidance in developing hope, acquiring life skills, and managing symptoms. It is a two-way relationship in which the client and mental health coach work together to meet the client’s current needs. Working through a variety of topics related to spirituality, mental health, physical health, and relational issues, coaching offers help based on a holist view of the person. By addressing every aspect of a person we work to develop skills the client can utilize through their lives.

We provide referrals for therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and/or treatment centers. Working with both a therapist and a mental health coach can provide useful guidance and insight. Whether it is the client or their loved one who is struggling with a mental health issue we provide a partnership to assist them in working through their struggles.

The coaching done at the Hope and Healing Center is a wonderful tool to improving quality of life. Providing support and fostering re-discovery can help an individual in reaching their full potential. It is an exciting journey to be a part of the Hope and Healing Center’s team in their mission of restoring hope and transforming lives in our community.

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