Dealing with High Conflict People in Your Family or Workplace

Everybody can have conflict sometimes, but high conflict people can make us feel downright crazy. They are always blaming you and others, often get upset with extreme behaviors, and make you feel like you can’t do anything right. Maybe it’s people you have to work with or your job to deal with them. Perhaps you find yourself often frustrated with your spouse, ex-partner, teenager, parents or in laws? Do you dread spending time with certain family members at the holidays?

Based upon her training with the High Conflict Institute and extensive professional experience, Jayna will provide information to help you gain new understanding and strategies to give you actionable tools and peace of mind with these folks, no matter what. Come join us for an hour that can change your life.

Presented by Jayna Haney, MS, LPC, EMDR Trained- Therapist in Private Practice Serving Children/Adults/Couples/Families