Taking Care of You – Webinar
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Taking Care of You – Webinar

Learn and build your self-care toolbox with Courtney Reynolds, LCSW, of Bo’s Place.

Speaker: Courtney Reynolds, LCSW – Special Programs Manager, Bo’s Place

There is no doubt that 2020 has required all of us to shift our self-care practices in monumental ways. At Bo’s Place we recognize that self-care is multi-faceted, and that we must be active in creating and maintaining our practice.

This interactive webinar will provide simple tools for creating a self-care toolbox that you can access anytime you need a break, mental relaxation or self-processing. As helpers, we want to put others first, jam-pack our schedules, and push through stress/stressful situations. If the past year has done anything, it has taught us that these layers of stress can build up over time and negatively impact our work and personal lives.

Through this one-hour training you will learn how to utilize self-care in the moment, how to make time for self-care, and how to reframe certain activities in your life.

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