theophostic prayer

Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM, formerly Theophostic)

In collaboration with Serenity Retreat, Transformational Prayer ministers are available at the HHC. Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM, formerly Theophostic) is an intentional, focused approach to prayer which leads to an authentic encounter with the presence of Christ. 

Most people feel some level of depression, anxiety, anger, or relationship troubles. Transformation Prayer sessions address any or all of these forms of distress. During a session the prayer minister will help you look at your past painful experiences to expose the beliefs keeping you from feeling peace, then Jesus brings truth leaving you peaceful and calm. Sessions are safe and non-judgmental. Confidentiality is paramount.

Our prayer ministers are mature Christian adults from a variety of Christian backgrounds who have answered God’s call to serve. All have graduated from a rigorous one year training program and follow ministry requirements established by Serenity Retreat.

To schedule an appointment with a prayer minister, please call 713-871-1004.