Telepsychiatry is a form of telemedicine that provides our clients with psychiatric assessment and care from a trained and licensed mental health psychiatrist or nurse practitioner. Telepsychiatry has become an increasingly common means of receiving mental health care. Via state of the art video conferencing technology, it provides a unique and gratifying mental health care experience.

HHCI’s approach to mental health care makes receiving psychiatric services simple for our clients by adding it to our reimagined care approach. This approach takes a holistic view on care and includes therapy-based programs, case management and community support, as well as telepsychiatry. Our program was developed to serve as a bridge to psychiatric services in the community for our clients who may not have resources for immediate care or cost of medications. Clients who receive telepsychiatry are partnered with one of our case workers to identify long-term care in their community. Alongside our therapy-based programs and case management, our telepsychiatry program further upholds our mission of transforming lives and restoring hope.

To speak with someone about this service, please call 713-871-1004 and follow the prompt.