The free Mental Health Peer Support Line is an alternative to a traditional crisis hotline and provides community members, who are experiencing mental health distress, with trained peer support and referrals to local resources that are matched to their needs.

Our certified peers are available daily to listen, encourage, and provide hope to those in need of everyday mental support.

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Mental Health Peer Support Line

832-831-PEER (7337)

Available Daily: Monday – Sunday, 5PM – 8PM

The Mental Health Peer Support Line is not a hotline or crisis line. For emergencies please call 911.

What is a Warmline?

Who do you call when you are having a bad day? For many people living in the U.S., the answer is no one. A 2006 study published in the American Sociological Review found that most Americans only have one close friend. What is more, the average American works longer hours and has less leisure time than prior generations, making it difficult to spend quality time with our loved ones. 

One small way to address this communal sense of burnout and isolation that comes from overwork is to connect with a peer who understands what it is like to feel down or lonely or anxious. While peers are not easy substitutes for enjoying long-time friendships and building a supportive community, talking to a peer during a time of crisis can help to diffuse challenging feelings, provide a welcoming space for reflection, and reframe a situation. That’s where peer warmlines may come into play. Read More

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