Lorna Bradley-Fellow-wHouston, TX – Rev. Dr. Lorna Bradley, Fellow at the Hope and Healing Institute released a new book Special Needs Parenting: From Coping to Thriving. The book offers emotional and spiritual resources for families on the journey of special needs parenting.

“Raising children with special needs creates unique challenges for parents and, at times, can leave them feeling overwhelmed.  My book focuses on equipping parents to grow their resilience so that they can better handle those stresses, both as individuals and as families,” said Rev. Dr. Lorna Bradley, Fellow in Developmental Disabilities, Hope and Healing Institute, and Author.

Sharing insights as both a theologian and the parent of an adult son with special needs, Rev. Dr. Lorna Bradley offers seven encouraging and practical tools for parents. They include; gaining a deeper, grace-filled understanding of God’s presence, processing deeply held feelings of grief and guilt, discovering strategies for patience, self-care and healthy relationships, as well as finding hope and healing.

 “Dr. Bradley’s focus is different than most researchers in developmental disabilities. Her emphasis on strengthening the family as a whole is unique to the field,” said Matthew S. Stanford PhD, CEO, Hope and Healing Center & Institute. “As both a trained academic and the mother of an adult son on the autism spectrum, Lorna offers a perspective that I believe parents will find refreshing.”

Rev. Dr. Bradley’s book is available on Amazon