Raising Children to Care for Their Mind, Build Resilience & Manage Stress – Webinar
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Raising Children to Care for Their Mind, Build Resilience & Manage Stress – Webinar

Learn strategies for helping your children cope with stress and manage their emotions in a healthy way and more, with Dr. Kristi Wolfe.

Speaker: Kristi Wolfe, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Co-Owner of Stepping Stone Therapy

This has been an interesting year, to say the least! Our kids have been asked to deal with so many changes, disruptions, and uncertainties in their lives. We all want to make sure they are able to maintain their mental health through these types of stressful situations, but it can be difficult to know exactly how to do so.

This program will help attendees gain insight and knowledge about helping children and teens cope with stress and managing their emotions in a healthy way. It will provide practical tools and strategies, such as how to help children develop coping skills, helpful ways to communicate (and what not to say), and mental health red flags to watch for. The information provided will help attendees learn how to help children and teens build their emotional health and resilience throughout the challenges of this year and beyond.

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