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Houston Hope Line

Relief. Just a call away

We don’t know what you’re dealing with, but we want to. We value that everyone’s challenges are unique, and that’s why we want to listen and connect you to services chosen specifically for you and your needs. Mental health care shouldn’t be scary. We want to meet you where you are and help you find relief.

Open 7 days a week

We want to be accessible whenever you’re free. That’s why we’re open daily, because the stresses we face don’t take a holiday.

Available 5–8 p.m.

It’s exhausting trying to handle stress alone, and by the end of a long day you’re probably ready to talk about it. We’re here for you.

Send us a message

Sometimes writing out what you’re dealing with is easier than a phone call. Send us a message and let us call you back with support.

Call today

While the stresses we all face may be different, the toll they take on us is the same. Let’s talk. The call is free. And you might just feel that way too.

Clinical Services

Pathway to holistic healing and health

Seeking out certified mental health professionals is a healthy and normal way to find healing for the difficult emotions, stresses, and thoughts that arise in our lives, just as seeing a doctor is a healthy and normal way to deal with a physical injury. Connect with our trained staff today and begin your journey on the pathway towards mental and emotional wholeness.

Community Bioethics and Aging Center

Your comprehensive resource for aging, caregiving and grief

There are many stages of life we must travel across as we get older that we shouldn’t face on our own. Through our Community Bioethics and Aging Center (CBAC), find the expert guidance, direction and heartfelt support you need to make your way through some of life’s biggest challenges. Let us walk with you today.

Our four-part approach

We’re your partner for care through:
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01. Education/Training

Raise awareness and educate community on relevant bioethics and aging topics.

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02. Individual Coaching

Provide professional and trained support for experiences and stages as we age.

ethics consultation
03. Ethics Consultation

Identify and develop strategy for specific personal health care ethics situations.

04. Research

Explore and advance new resources and approaches for aging related needs.

Gateway to Hope

We are a portal for all your mental health training

We mobilize people of faith to effectively and compassionately meet the holistic needs of those who live with mental health challenges within their congregations and communities. We are a comprehensive solution – providing tested tools and ongoing support so you can quickly manage challenges while helping build and restore lives to health and wholeness.

gateway to hope provides mental health training and other services at mental health gateway

Learn more about our trainings

Gateway to Hope (GTH) trains both congregations and educators with the evidence-based tools to help those living with mental illness. Learn how to identify mental illness, develop effective situational responses, and quickly connect both adults and adolescents in distress with professional care.

Educational Programs

Become a stronger mental health advocate in your circles of influence

Through our quality educational opportunities, we believe we can equip people with the knowledge to deepen their understanding on mental health topics important to them, provide tools for mental health professionals to better impact and serve their community’s needs, and destigmatize cultural views surrounding mental illness.

speaker presenting presentation on mental health

Upcoming HHCI Events

Look through our upcoming programs and register for those that interest you.

Learn more
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Video Resource Library

Benefit from previous programs offered through our video library.

Watch now

Become a part of our planning

We’re always looking to add engaging and informative topics and speakers to our programs every year. Let us know what topics you’d like to hear more of as well as what speakers you’d recommend.

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