Meeting Michael – By Rev. Amy Bezecny
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Meeting Michael – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

Meeting Michael – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

Amy & MichaelOne special painting in our home includes layer upon layer of colors, shapes, and patterns. In it, you can subtly see our last name, Bezecny. I painted this while we were in the process of adopting one to three children of any age. The painting was an expression of my prayer about our past, current endeavor and hope for our future.

A few scriptures are also in the painting. They are about a land and vineyards the Israelites did not own or plant; God’s words about Solomon, “I have chosen him to be my royal adopted son, and I will be to him a father.” It also includes God’s words, “I will be their God and they will be my people” and for Lydia, “If you’re confident that I’m in this with you and believe in the Master truly, come home with me and be my guests.”

We were waiting for a “match” and were experiencing the full extent of emotions that come with great anticipation. Who are we to invite children we did not birth into our home for a lifetime? What will this home be like? What is behind this name we are asking children to embrace?

One month after our home study was approved, we received a phone call about a 22-month boy. For a split second I questioned, “One?” but I kept listening. Our caseworker said, “He has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes and his name is Michael.” I said, “Yes. Let’s find out more about Michael.”

On Valentine’s Day 2008 we thought we were going to the county office to read his file. As it turns out, we finished reading and the caseworker asked, “Would you like to meet him?” My heart jumped out of my chest! As we followed her to the next small town, I realized we were about to meet our son. We pulled up to a small white house with a beautiful front porch. As we approached the front door, I could smell dinner & fresh baked bread. Though we hadn’t eaten, all I wanted was to see Michael. I scanned the room to see foster parents, the caseworker, and a CASA worker. Then, Michael walked in carrying a ball. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. I froze but my husband jumped right in to play ball. Before we left that night, we had talked, laughed, played ball and held him in our laps to read a book. A few days later, we were up early to purchase a car seat, pick him up & head out to our first rainy day play date. We have been playing, parenting, laughing, sighing, singing, and praying with each other ever since that day.

Who are we to invite this child into our home? We are the people God created us to be.

Who is the church to invite foster and adopted children and their families into its faith-family? It is the church God created us to be.


Rev. Amy

Amy Bezecny, MDIV

Adoptive/Foster Care Fellow, Hope and Healing Center & Institute

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