It’s Your Baby! It’s Your life! – By Rev. Amy Bezecny
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It’s Your Baby! It’s Your life! – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

It’s Your Baby! It’s Your life! – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

My program is more important to me than it is to others, and yes, I am passionate about it. When I stress over one circumstance or another, I often hear, “Of course, you are concerned: it’s your baby.” I also hear, “It’s your life.” These are common sayings, and I do not understand why my stomach knots every time I hear them talk about my Adoption/Foster Care Program. I simply don’t get the connection between my program, babies, and life. I don’t understand why people don’t simply say, “Of course you are concerned, you have worked so hard for this.”

This program is not my baby. My baby is my son. Every two weeks for fifteen years, I wondered if I had a baby inside me. God had different plans and blessed me with a child that I did not birth. Nothing and no one else comes close to being my baby. As far as being stressed over one circumstance or another, I guarantee that I am more concerned about challenges my son faces than any challenge my program may face. As far as celebrating joys in our life together, I am more touched by celebrating our tenth anniversary of meeting each other on Valentine’s Day 2006 than I am about any recognition of my program.

This program is not my life. No other role and nothing else comes close to being my life. In fact, focusing my life on being the person God created me to be and doing what God created me to do, is essential to filling any other role, including mother, wife, daughter, friend, minister, co-worker, and so on.

This program is my ministry. God called and equipped me to participate in God’s kingdom in this way. I have faced many challenging circumstances in my life, and through them, I have learned that God did create me to be respected and significant.

That’s the connection! God created everyone to be respected and significant, including foster and adopted children. Our roles and our work are not who we are. We are all precious children of God becoming all that God created us to become.

My program, my ministry, is about educating and equipping faith communities to help every foster and adopted child be and do what God created them to be and do. I have a strong suspicion that God used all my past experiences to position me exactly where I am today. I am Amy, my son is my only baby, and with God’s help, my program can continue to help many children.

Who are you? Who is your baby? What is God calling you to do?

If what you are called to do is help foster and adopted children in any way, let’s begin a conversation about it. Maybe we were created to do this together.

Amy Bezecny, MDiv

Adoptive/Foster Care Fellow, Hope and Healing Center & Institute

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