HHC – Worried About Your Memory? It May Not be Dementia
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HHC – Worried About Your Memory? It May Not be Dementia

ABOUT THE PROGRAM Memory lapses are not always caused by dementia. Many adults over 50 worry about becoming forgetful; it is natural to feel uneasy when you forget something. However, many memory lapses are simply the result of normal aging changes, not a serious illness. How can you tell the difference? Sally will review situations attributed to age-related changes and share lifestyle habits that can increase your chances of aging successfully. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Sally Davis, RN, MSN, Health Services Director, Amazing Place For the three past years, Sally has been serving as the Health Services Director for Amazing Place. In this role, she provides health assessments for the Participants, medication administration, health education for both Amazing Place staff and Participants, and caregiver consultations. Her favorite activity is having morning coffee with the Participants discussing current events and reviewing the day's programs. Prior to joining Amazing Place, Sally worked as a research nurse at the UT Health School of Nursing Center on Aging. She served as a Nurse Interventionist on an in home stroke study for stroke survivors and their spousal caregivers. She has given numerous presentations on a wide variety of older adult topics for both nursing professional and community caregivers. Sally received her BSN from DePauw University in Indiana and her Master's in Mental Health Nursing from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She is very happy to be working at Amazing Place with the Participants and families.

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