Through our Gateway to Hope training we continue advancing the HHCI mission to “build and restore lives to health and wholeness.”


The Gateway to HopeTM program is a comprehensive, interactive training for empowering, educating and equipping clergy and peers with the tools to respond to those in distress and help build a community-based response to the mental health crisis our country faces.


The following trainings are offered:

  • Empower – A four-hour workshop educating clergy in techniques for recognition and response to those with mental illness and connecting those in need with professional care.

  • Transform – Ongoing training and guidance helping faith communities build and sustain supportive Transform groups for individuals with mental illness as well as family members.

  • Renew – Certification using our Thrive curriculum preparing an individual to serve as a Peer Mental Health Coach trained to serve their faith community.


To date, more than 500 people have been trained through the Gateway to Hope program and we continue to expand our reach. The David Weekly Family Foundation pledged $600,000 over three years (2017-2019) in support of our mental health training at faith communities, recognizing the importance of this initiative and the great number of lives it can impact.


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