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This presentation will focus on how the mind responds to and stores trauma in the subconscious mind. People who have experienced trauma oftentimes make decisions to protect themselves from the pain of the experience. These decisions get buried in the subconscious mind and many times, unconsciously drive behavior. This program will help you understand the power of the mind to heal, to unburden, and create the joyful life you desire.


Check in will begin 15 minutes prior to the program beginning.  Due to video filming, late attendees will be asked to view the presentation in the Green Room.


The best way to locate our building is to search 5025 Riverway Drive, Houston TX 77056 in your GPS and it should take you to the corner adjacent to our building.

Due to ongoing construction in our area, please refer to our Designated Program Parking Areas map for directions on where to park. Designated parking areas will be highlighted in blue. Please do not park in the areas highlighted in red.

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Rick Huttner, Founder and President of Resilient People, LLC, Author of Best-Selling Book Resilient People: A Journey from Childhood Abuse to Healing and Love

Rick Huttner is a survivor of the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, who now works passionately to spread the message that all who experienced abuse or trauma, of any type, can heal. His own healing process began after decades of alcohol abuse, dysfunctional relationships, and a volatile career—all of which were influenced by the buried pain of his childhood trauma. Rick now lives a joyful, productive, loving life. He founded Resilient People to help heal others who have experienced trauma in its many forms., He regularly shares his story at speaking engagements and abuse-awareness workshops. Rick is the Amazon best-selling author of Resilient People A Journey from Abuse to Healing to Love.  He can be contacted through his website, www.resilientpeople.us.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON BOOK: Resilient People: A Journey from Childhood Abuse to Healing and Love

If you were abused as a child, the psychological damage can be considerable. Feelings of
worthlessness, helplessness, and shame can persist well into adulthood, seriously impacting
your personal and professional life. For fifty years, Rick Huttner suffered from the negative
effects of physical and sexual childhood abuse. He wants you to know you’re not alone—and
that it’s never too late to heal.

In Resilient People, Rick shares the inspiring story of his journey through the recovery
process. He offers valuable insights and compassionate guidance on everything from finding
the right therapy to changing negative thought patterns, empowering other abuse survivors to
discover their own pathways to emotional well-being.

No matter what you endured in your childhood, you can live a happier, more productive adult
life. This book will help you take back control, learn to love yourself once more, and finally be

To Purchase Resilient People: A Journey from Childhood Abuse to Healing and Love, please click here.

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