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Join JoAnna Snider-Anderson on why it’s important during times of crisis to actively protect your mental health and find tools to use.

Experiencing intense difficulties, troubles, or danger during various life moments can leave a lasting imprint on who you are and how you see the world. It’s important during these times of crisis to actively protect your mental health.

Join JoAnna Snider-Anderson, staff psychologist for the Houston Police Department, as she explains why it’s important and provides tools you can use.


About the Speaker

JoAnna Snider-Anderson, PsyD, Staff Psychologist at Houston Police Department

JoAnna Snider Anderson, Psy. D. is a Licensed Psychologist (Clinical, Clinical Child) who received her Doctorate of Psychology from Spaulding University with an emphasis in childhood disorders and a specialty in the full spectrum of Pervasive Developmental Disorders including Autistic Disorder, Rett’s Disorder and Asperger’s Disorder.

Dr. Anderson also has significant experience in the AD/HD assessment process which enables her to consider other conditions or developmental disorders that might co-exist with AD/HD or in some cases better explain the difficulties found within the family seeking help for their presenting problems. In addition to her testing and therapy contributions with Premier Psychological Services, she also provides comprehensive developmental services for infants and children with neurological differences.

Dr. Anderson’s experience also includes the psychological assessment of children with: communication disorders and delays, affective disorders, learning disabilities, adjustment issues, and behavioral disorders. Dr Anderson has a strong reputation and experience in providing Forensic Services. She has provided court ordered evaluations as well as therapy for a variety of issues. She also has experience with testifying in court as well as consulting with attorneys and other professionals.

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