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Special needs parenting relates to an expansive category related to raising children with developmental delays and other health impairments. This can include any number of intellectual, behavioral, and physical differences such as: Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and genetic and mitochondrial disorders, to name a few.

Parenting challenges increase when raising a child with developmental differences. Emotional resilience and core relationships are often strained in the midst of these challenges, yet families and individuals can and do cope well when intentionally engaging in strategies to strengthen personal and family resilience. Areas that improve personal and family resilience include:

  • Gathering informational resources related to diagnosis
  • Connecting with supportive communities
  • Engaging in good self-care (physical, emotional, and spiritual)
  • Nurturing key relationships with time and attention
  • Scheduling respite

Educational Resources

Support Groups

Special Needs Parent Offerings at HHC

Law and Advocacy

Additional Resources

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