Still Life: A Book Review – By Amy Simpson

I read this book a while back, while it was in the publication process, because I agreed to consider endorsing it. After reading it, I did write an endorsement for it, and since then I’ve been waiting for it to be released so I could recommend it to others. I’m excited to say it’s here and to review it for you. When I read Gillian…

Cultivating Self-Compassion: First Steps to Healing – By Dr. Nellie Grose, MPH

Inherent in every human being, even in those we may judge to be mean, bad or heartless, is a sense of care. We deeply care for our family members, our friends, neighbors and pets. Unfortunately, we do not care for ourselves to the same degree as we do for others. We tend to beat ourselves up; judge ourselves critically; ignore our aches and pains; and…

If My Voice Does Not Matter, I Don’t Matter. – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

If my voice does not matter, I don’t matter. It doesn’t just feel uncomfortable; it is a primal wound, and if not being heard hurts me deeply, how much more must a foster or adopted child hurt when we don’t hear them? I recently attended the Empowered to Connect Simulcast and was reminded about the importance of giving voice. You can learn more about Empowered…

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