Positive and Proactive Parenting: 3 Simple Steps! – By Heather M. Goodwin

Every day I wake up with the same goal. TODAY, I will be a perfect parent! Yep, today it is. And then the kids wake up. 6: 45am. Rise and shine. Time for school. A brand new happy day! I say with a skip in my voice, only to be greeted by grunts and heads buried deeper under the covers. What would you like for…

Pastors, You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Mental Health Movement in the Church – By Amy Simpson

Since my book on mental illness and the church came out in 2013, I have spent a lot of time in front of audiences, speaking about how mental illness affects individuals and families, how churches can help, and why it’s so important that they do. I’ve also had a lot of face-to-face conversation, email interaction, and social media discussion on the same topic. It’s amazing to see…

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