It’s Your Baby! It’s Your life! – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

My program is more important to me than it is to others, and yes, I am passionate about it. When I stress over one circumstance or another, I often hear, “Of course, you are concerned: it’s your baby.” I also hear, “It’s your life.” These are common sayings, and I do not understand why my stomach knots every time I hear them talk about my…

A Lesson in Loving People, From A Very Nice Dining Room – By Amy Simpson

We stood there together, admiring the lovely table and chairs. They were high-quality pieces of furniture, solid wood and polished to a high shine. They were nothing like the cheap castoff furnishings, salvaged from curbs and left behind by previous tenants, that filled our home. “They’re antiques, family heirlooms,” our hosts told us. Both husband and wife smiled with satisfaction and obvious affection for these…

My Biggest Regret – By Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson Author, Speaker Chrysalis Awardee 2016, Hope and Healing Center & Institute Register for the Chrysalis Luncheon

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