Forever Home For The Holidays – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

I was touched deeply by an article that a friend of mine posted during Thanksgiving and wanted to share more about it in today’s post. The article titled Grateful and Grieving was written by Angela Miller and was about the holidays and the particular grief of a mother that has lost a child. You can read the article, here. While, about the particular grief of…

The New Normal? – By Dr. Lorna Bradley

I recall when my father had terminal cancer I would fly out to see him each month. His abilities changed a bit each time when I saw him. There was a constant adjustment to the “new normal,” yet we all longed for a different “normal” than the cards we had been dealt.   My heart hurts today at the news of yet another mass shooting. Somehow…

Advent: Put on Some Red Lipstick and Face the World – By Dr. Lorna Bradley

Advent: Put on Some Red Lipstick and Face the World Waiting was never my strong suit as a child. Brightly wrapped packages appeared under the Christmas tree sporadically throughout December. I’d flop on the floor by the tree each morning. Shaking the packages and asking my Mom, “What did Santa bring?” She always replied with a smile, “Time will tell.” Nothing makes time go more…

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