A Way Through the Darkness of Sexual Abuse – By Rev. Suse McBay

Diane Langberg, in her book, ‘Suffering and the Heart of God,’ describes a visit to Ghana and her visit to Cape Coast Castle. It was a center for the trafficking of hundreds of thousands of slaves, who were housed in its dungeons before transportation onto slave ships. These were dark, claustrophobic caverns full of people chained and shackled without possibility of escape. While she was…

When Birthdays Don’t Feel So Happy – By Dr. Lorna Bradley

A group of moms can sure go through the tissues when talking about birthday parties. We gathered on a sweltering Houston day talking about unexpected grief. Parent after parent shared the heartache of birthdays. Wondering if a child will still be here next year. Hoping for developmental milestones that still go unfulfilled as the calendar marches along. Expected party guests who never arrive. That last…

I think That My Child May Have Autism Spectrum Disorder. What Do I Do? – By Kelly M. Williams, Psy.D, LP

I think my child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. What do I do? 1) If you suspect that your child is not meeting his developmental milestones as he should or is engaging in behaviors that concern you, consult with your pediatrician. 2) Ask for a referral for an evaluation. You have options. Your child’s school district can conduct an evaluation and so can a psychologist. The difference is,…

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