Five Things the Scriptures Teach Us about Trauma and Suffering – By Dr. Matthew S. Stanford

There are five key truths that the scriptures teach us about trauma and suffering. First, that God is present and in control of our suffering. In times of great suffering and pain, we often feel the farthest from God. Where is He? Has He forgotten me? How could He let this happen? This was also the case in the lives of great men of faith…

How We Can Transform Ourselves: My Journey From Breast Cancer to Lobbyist for Women’s Health – By Ruth Ebenstein

What do you do when cancer crashes down on your life plans? Cry. Thrash. Wallow in despair. Then pick yourself up, shake off the gloom, and embrace the glory of being alive with a mission to serve—and thrive. At 42, I was diagnosed with breast cancer while nursing my baby; I had two other little boys under five at home. Before cancer, my life’s goal…

Pinkeye – By Rev. Amy Bezecny

  Pinkeye, Pot Luck, and Fondue – A three part series. 1) Pinkeye My son had been with us just a few months when he awoke one morning with pinkeye. I said, “Oh baby, you might have pinkeye. We’ll need to try to make you’re eye feel better” He was quiet, and moments later he said, “But Mommy, I want my blue ones back.” We…

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