I Can and I Will – By Dr. Lorna Bradley

A few months ago I introduced my readers to Elizabeth Elder and how her journey of self-discovery and acceptance in the midst of raising kids with special needs inspired her to run a marathon.  You can read that original post by clicking here to learn more about Elizabeth’s story. After just a few months of training in the heat and humidity of a record-breaking Houston summer,…

The Messy Business of Forgiveness – By Dr. Kathryn Belicki

Scripture teaches that when we are hurt we ought to forgive, and when we are the injurer we ought to repent and make amends. But what about those times when we have been hurt badly—perhaps betrayed horribly by someone close to us—must we still forgive? What if the person who has injured us shows no sign of repenting? Doesn’t forgiving send them the wrong message…

What is Mental Health Coaching? – By Madeline Stiers

Working in the mental health field has been an ambition of mine as far back as high school. I have always enjoyed providing support and encouragement to my family and friends in times of need. So imagine my excitement when I realized this was something I could do as a career! I realized, as I entered college, that this was what I was supposed to…

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