ABOUT THE PROGRAM Join Rick as he shares his personal story of healing. Rick's mission is to help all those who have experienced abuse by demonstrating how NOT to remain a victim by regaining self-respect, confidence and love of self. ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Rick Huttner, Strategic Consultant (ret.), Huttner Holdings, Inc. While working as a business consultant and owner, Rick became aware that successful businesses had a moral code woven into them that he viewed as spiritual. He explored his own spirituality after becoming aware of recurring negative events in his life and career. His desire is to share what he has learned to help others who were abused in their youth and inspire them towards healing and love. Rick has learned valuable insights and practices on his exhausting, sometimes painful and truly rewarding 40 year journey of healing and finding joy in his life. Rick is the 2014 Ron Herring Mission of Service Award recipient for the New Mexico Region. This award is presented on an annual basis by the Mankind Project to men who have demonstrated a willingness and committment to living their mission through actions. Matthew S. Stanford, PhD, CEO, Hope and Healing Center & Institute Matthew S. Stanford, PhD is CEO of the Hope and Healing Center and Institute (HHCI) in Houston, TX and adjunct professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine and the Department of Psychology at the University of Houston. The New York Times, USA Today, Fox, MSNBC, Yahoo!, and U.S. News World Report have featured Dr. Stanford's research on the interplay between psychology and issues of faith. Dr. Stanford is a fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. As director of HHCI he writes, conducts training seminars, and serves individuals living with mental illness and their families. He is the author of two books, Grace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness and The Biology of Sin: Grace, Hope, and Healing for Those Who Feel Trapped. The Rev. Suse McBay, Assistant Priest for Pastoral Care, St. Martin's Episcopal Church A native of Oxford, England, the Rev. Suse McBay earned her MA in Theology from the University of Oxford and then worked for a year at St. George's Church in Leeds. She went on to work as a high school teacher of Religious Education at Immanuel College, Bradford before commencing her PhD in Apocalyptic Literature at the well known St. John's, Nottingham, United Kingdom. In addition to her studies and church placements, Suse served on the committee of AWESOME, a UK-based network of evangelical Anglican ordained women and assisted the Diocese of Nottingham with their sports outreach programs. She is married to Stephen, a Houston native.

The Hope and Healing Institute (Houston, TX) invites applications for the William K. McGee Jr. Fellowship in Bioethics and Aging.

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