Chrysalis Luncheon

HHCI Seminars

  • Aging Well: The Unwanted Gift of Grief

    When we face loss, when we experience the wilderness of grief, how do we make it through? This seminar will explore the human dilemma when we experience dramatic changes, losses and subtle teaspoon by teaspoon losses. Whether that is divorce,
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  • The Science of High Risk Behavior

    This presentation teaches participants how substances and other high-risk behaviors affect adolescent brain development. Dr. Collier will focus on new marijuana concentrates and vaping trends that are on the rise globally. Special attention will be paid to teaching participants how
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  • Aging Well: End of Life Decision Making

    There are a number of initiatives aimed at educating and encouraging Americans to engage in advanced care planning, yet most of these programs fail to meet their stated goals. In this presentation we will explore the history behind these programs,
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  • The Heartsync Model: Healing the Brokenhearted and Freeing the Heart from Addiction

    The goal of the Heartsync model is to release trauma, false beliefs and unresolved conflict and to receive truth and a new role assignment from God. Once these parts of the heart — Function, Guardian and Emotion — resolve their
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  • Healing After Trauma

    What happens after a human traffic victim is rescued? Discover the healing approaches to complex trauma recovery for sex traffic survivors by Shield Bearer, a Houston counseling ministry. Gain a greater understanding of the affects of complex trauma and how
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  • Why Teens Die By Suicide

    In his new theory of suicidal behavior, Dr. Thomas Joiner proposes three factors that mark teens most at risk of death: the feeling of being a burden on loved ones; the sense of isolation; and, perhaps chillingly, the learned ability
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  • Aging Well: Latest Research on Alzheimer’s Disease

    This accessible and motivating presentation will discuss the latest research in Alzheimer’s disease, including updates from the most recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Dr. Julie Kutac will address the current understanding of Alzheimer’s risk, early disease detection and diagnosis. She
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  • Aging Well: Medicare, Medicaid, and Aging – What Do I Need to Know?

    There has been a lot of information in the news about Medicare and Medicaid. What is the difference between these two programs, and how do they affect those of us who are aging? Dr. Peggy Determeyer, McGee Fellow in Bioethics
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  • Changing Directions: Criminal Justice Reform in Harris County

    During the 85th Legislative Session, several bills were passed that expanded mental health treatment and jail diversion capacity for individuals with mental health needs. This presentation will provide an overview of the impact of this legislation on the criminal justice
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