The Hope and Healing Center (HHC) seminar series deal with the physical, mental, spiritual, and relational health of individuals and families. It is more formal in style and covers topics such as; parenting, depression and bipolar disorder, addiction, blended families, caring for the caregiver, marriage, Alzheimer’s, and adoption.  These formal presentations feature leading local, national and international experts, and professionals in their perspective fields.

Additionally, programs are delivered in collaboration with many of our partner organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, The Institute for Spirituality and Health (ISH), and the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance of Greater Houston.  Only a small percentage of programs (4-5%) have a nominal fee. Online registration is required.

Some upcoming Seminar topics include:

  • Recovering Our Children – Dealing Successfully with Substance Abuse and the Threat of New Drugs
  • The Link Between Social Media and Suicide
  • Warning Signs of Relational Violence: Recognizing the Key Signs in Order to Help Others
  • Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Compassion in Service of Suicide Prevention
  • Ethical and Spiritual Considerations in Dementia Care
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