Hope and Healing Institute

The Hope and Healing Center and the Hope and Healing Institute share a common vision of “building and restoring lives to health and wholeness.” While intimately associated, the Center and the Institute serve different roles in pursuit of this vision.

The Hope and Healing Institute is the research and resources development partner of the Hope and Healing Center.  The Institute creates new programs and resources and the Center offers those resources, as well as programs developed elsewhere, to the community at large.


The mission of the Hope and Healing Institute is creating transformative research with greater purpose.

At the Institute, scholars and research fellows are involved in the development of resources, programs, and supportive services that strengthen the physical, mental, spiritual, and relational health of families and individuals from birth through elder-hood.

Work in the Institute is focused around four research initiatives:  Child and Adolescent Wellbeing; Building Healthy Families and Relationships; Successful Aging & Later Life; Promoting Mental Health and Recovery.

The Institute seeks to provide an environment where new and unique ideas in relation to faith and mental health can be considered and developed.

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